Friday, April 7, 2017

Colony Season 2 Finale: Out and About

Colony ended its second season tonight - yes, second season, not the series, with the good news announced a few days ago that there will be a third season in 2018 - with an episode pulsing with ambiguity, darkness, evil in the air, and a dollop of hope for humanity.  In other words, the way Colony has been telling its story all along.

About that dollop of hope: the collaborating sergeant letting Will and family get out of LA was an inspiring moment.  On some deep level, human blood is still a lot thicker than working with aliens water.

Snyder, who already showed himself to have some glimmers of humanity and decency, also put in a good show, choosing to go with the Bowmans rather than the safer job in collaborator headquarters in Europe.  But he activates some sort of device at the end, which no one other than he and entities we likely  haven't yet met know about - so, he likely has more up his sleeve than just decency.

Meanwhile, Broussard and Madeline, for very different reasons, aren't leaving LA, which leaves us not knowing what becomes of them - at least, not until next season.  Broussard certainly won't go down without a fight, and as for Madeline - well, it looks as if she's just moments from being destroyed, but if that's all that's going to happen to her next season, why not just show us that right now?

The upshot: as our world, off screen, seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, whatever exactly that means, Colony in its dark, brooding totalitarian vs. human freedom story is not only uncannily relevant but even comforting to see on some level.   And that with still barely a whiff of what and who the alien hosts really are.

See you back here next year, if not sooner.

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